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Auction Service

Hassle-free to buy a car

Our Auto Sales Center helps you find, inspect and purchase vehicles at auction – potentially saving you up to 30% over dealers and saving you time shopping on line or at car lots all over the region.

Our professional staff will help you find your dream car based on your requirements (make, model, year and other features) and then inspect the vehicle to ensure clear title and accident history. We then bid on the car based on our understanding of the market and auction experience and secure the lowest price possible. We also deliver your car to your door to save you valuable time and provide free consultant and assistance during your first month of ownership to ensure a trouble-free experience.

All this with a transparent and hassle-free payment process.

Please contact us to learn more about letting us help you secure the vehicle of your dreams at bargain auction prices!



Step 1: Brand & model decision
Step 2: Pick a vehicle
Step 3: Inspect the vehicle and title history disclosure
Step 4: Service agreement and deposit
Step 5: Bid the vehicle
Step 6: Delivery the vehicle to your door
Step 7: Pay rest of the payment and done
Step 8: Customer satisfaction survey (Optional)